Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Peruvian Procrastination

I tend to get bored and frustrated every now and again working with layout and composition. So I doodle!

Editorial Design - Peru

These are the finals for my editorial project about Peruvian pottery. They are all screen printed except for the type on the last spread and I'm super happy with them! Sort of...
 I really really enjoyed the printing and all the development work, I think it was just when I remembered it had to be a magazine with y'know words in it I kinda panicked and stopped enjoying it as much.
The typography needs a lot of work (ugh) but I don't mind cos I had fun and learnt how to screen print. Definitely having a crack at it again!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Mountainous Birthday Card!

I've taken the weekend off from uni work but I couldn't relax into the idea of doing 'nothing', so I made a birthday card for a friend back home who's 21 today! ( And bought lots of Kendal mintcake :)
Happy (Late) Birthday Card!

 Ed likes hiking and mountains and stuff!

p.s. sorry for the bad photos, I'm camera-less at the moment.

Update:  :(

Friday, 18 November 2011


I recently crossed the boarder and boy was it great!
I'd never been to Scotland before let alone Edinburgh, which is silly because I've lived a few miles from the boarder for over a year now. I went with my illustration course at uni looking at galleries and all those cultured things...oh and the cocktail bars. 
But seriously it was amazing especially the national museum and analogue books. Would love to spend some more time there. It looks like a lovely place to live! (p.s. check out this layout! Mad.)


Yeah Screen printing!

This is the base of the contents page for a magazine brief I'm doing at uni at the moment. The magazine article can be about almost anything so I chose old Peruvian pottery as my subject. (Its really cool honest!)
Since we have a whopping four weeks to complete the brief I decided I might as well try my hand at screen printing and I'm so glad I did, its so much fun (blasting the screen with water canons, yeah!) and the results are fantastic.
I've now decided I'm doing my whole magazine screen printed which is going to cost a bomb but hopefully look damn sexy! I'll post it all soon!