Monday, 27 October 2014

Website news.

My website is currently down. I have done possibly the worst job of transferring my domain to a new web host in the history of html, even after spending a month making sure exactly this wouldn't happen. It has.

Rest assured though that I am working on it even if it means flying to america to punch said web hosts in the face. Its gonna be a phoenix like rebirth of staggering proportions. When it happens. Soon. 

In the meantime my blog is here and some of my work is also up on my agents site here.


Friday, 24 October 2014

Read, Listen, Learn, Create.

I've been drawing a lot of book covers recently as little drawing exercises to play with my technique. 
I don't really read as much as I should. I'm constantly busy with freelancing and then working my part time job and just being a person and I usually reach for Netflix before bed instead of a book. It bugs me, I used to live in books and I do still love them. It got me onto thinking about how we consume books nowadays. A lot of mine are through the radio or audiobooks while I'm working. Which led into this piece:

I'm trying to vary my colour palette more at the moment. I always grab onto bright bolds and contrast them with cool colours and I find my work doesn't seem to translate well without them. I managed not to use pink, purple or yellow today though. So thats a plus.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Spooky Shelves

Yeah back to the crazy colours! 
Really enjoyed this one, it felt very natural. (Which might mean that its objectively not great but I like it!)

I also made it into a gif because I couldn't decided on the eyes in the crystal ball. It kind of got out of hand. The voodoo doll is my favourite. :)


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Festive Spirit Infusions

When in the Library last looking for cocktail recipes high off the caipirinha illustrations, I found a super nice book about home-brewing. I got a bit over excited I'll be honest but rather than fill our attic with fermenting bottles and yeast I decided to focus on the rather simple infusions of shop bought spirits. I found some crazy concoctions like lavender and black pepper vodka but the recipes that follow are my favourites.

I haven't made any yet because I want to give them away as christmas presents and none have long lives. The christmas thing fed into forming the illustrations into a book to accompany the bottles. So organised this year!
(P.S. If you are my mum please forget you saw any of this...)

I really wanted to experiment with using a limited colour palette for this project. I'm usually very heavy on the colours and contrasting so I wanted to challenge myself and not rely on it too much. This feels sophisticated but I recon in hindsight the colours could have more pop. Maybe be bolder/brighter. 
At least my eye balls didn't go all 'opening the lost ark' for once...

I'll do a blog post of the process once I'm making the infusions with photos of me wrestling quinces and drinking vodka as soon as I've found some quinces and can afford vodka...

Check out how its going to kinda look when its all lovely and printed:


Monday, 6 October 2014


Sneaky peak of a project I'm working on for christmas. I'm gonna be SO organised this year you'll see!