Thursday, 25 July 2013

textures schmextures.

I don't know why but I love this. Just some textures for...textures.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Kook, Dubloon.

My finished piece for Kook surf magazine. 

I'm really happy with this although I went about it in a completely different process to usual. I was having trouble with the lines so I decided to keep them in for once which makes it look very wjc to me. (He's a favourite illustrator of mine and maybe having a few of his prints next to my desk is more influential than I originally thought...)

I also sent along this little illustration with a quote from the tempest. My next big project is going to be shakespeare based and I can't wait to nerd out on the bard. Super excited!

New Blood!

Last week(ish) I was lucky enough to attend D&DA's annual New Blood exhibition and had a great time with some amazing and exciting outcomes and lots of really wonderful feedback and interesting constructive criticism.
It was super cool.

As well as getting to talk with some industry people I got to meet some of the crazy talented illustrators and designers who were exhibiting.
We were positioned opposite Falmouth uni so I pretty much fell in love with ALL of their stuff. So many beautiful books! Amongst my favourites were:

Ella Bailey's beautiful style and characters:

Juliet Harris' illustration for Philip Pullmans 'The firework maker's daughter.'
I love the limited pallet and dreamlike feel, couldn't stop wandering over and staring at it.

I also got the chance to talk to Falmouths Martha Anne who created these illustrations based on the Karma Sutra and is a genuinely lovely person. (And has great colour style!)

And with Jonny Clapham, who's weirdly wonderful and unique illustrations are well worth a gander. 

not to mention his hilarious messed up videos: 

7 Tips for Creative Graduates from Jonny Clapham on Vimeo.

I have it on good authority that some of the guys off my course are collaborating with him to produce a zine and I can not wait!

My other picks include this ingenious bike 'accessory' by Joe Waterfield to promote a charity bike ride:
(Look at the clouuds!)

Cedi Cycles - The Iron Curtain from Joe Waterfield on Vimeo.

And finally my favourite book of the show 'My Dads better than your Dad' by Claire Paul. This thing had me grinning from ear to ear by the time I finished it. Great little story and who doesn't like cute mustachioed cacti? (huhu mustachioed...)

Asides from all the great memories, fun times and lessons learnt what I'm going to remember most is something an incredibly drunk man told us in a club in shoreditch. He asked us if we'd won and we told him that we hadn't entered anything to which he replied 'You're here at new blood. You made it. You won!' 
I was four pints in so it probably sounded like inspired drunken poetry but that and the fantastic hipster dance off were what I remembered in the morning and it still makes me smile. 

I have to stop ending my blog posts on gooey feelings. ugh.

also! I ran out of business cards but the replacements seemed to go down well. Ever the professional.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A First and lots of adventures!

It has been a crazy month of excitement, adventure and far too many smelly megabus trips, so heres an update on life. 


So thats kinda exciting you know. 
It's what I've been aiming at but it was still a massive shock and I am so, so fucking proud. Hard work and loving what you do works!

As its the end of uni we've had our DEGREE SHOW (With my posters!) and I'm happy to report that it was a success. Lots of wobbling up step ladders and swearing at double sided tape later and we had a lovely exhibition space full of arrows going off into the wide world.

 Each graduate designed arrows in their personal style to represent the different directions they'd be exploding out into the world in. I decided to hone some skills, experiment with colour and have fun!

A lot of hard work but totally worth it so my family could final visit where I spend all my daylight hours.
 ( P.S. I love you Studio <3 )

The Exhibition website can be found HERE! 

Then we went on lots of travels in Cumbria and Scotland.
I finally got to visit the cool bit of Hadrian's Wall (from robin hood prince of thieves!), stumble across amazing little villages in the lakes, partake in ritual coursework burning before climbing SCAFELL PIKE. 12 hours later I was on a horrendously smelly megabus home to cornwall (via London and the globe theatre) where I spent the weekend before zipping back up to London (New Blood!) and then to oxford and back again. Mad month!

Here is a taste of my CUMBRIAN ADVENTURES: 

Its been a great month all in all. Saying goodbye to my home of three years and greeting the future with arms wide open! (Ahhh gooey feelings :)