Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Illustrated Gig Review 4

Black Peaks Gig Review, Illustrated!

I went to another gig on my own and rather than feeling awkward or talking to anyone new, I pretended to be a music journalist and planned my illustrated review of the night. ( It probably makes me look even more weird than just standing awkwardly by myself but it’s more fun.)

I turned up pretty late to the gig. I was expecting it to be full of pre-teens and cool kids as I’d discovered the band on BBCR1 but there was a nice mix of ages and not a crop top in sight. Unfortunately I only caught Toskas two last songs but they were brilliant and I’m going to keep an eye on their next London dates! It was super heavy and base-y, and such a nice intro to the night. I spent six of Palm Reader’s songs at the bar trying to get a pint and ended up watching most the set through the live tv feed. It was awful video quality but mixed with the live band it made me feel like I was in an 80′s grunge music video. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but the energy was great and the crowd dug it.
Black Peaks blew it out the water. I’d only listened to the new album a few times over before its release but it is infinitely more impressive live. Mostly attributed to frontman Will’s raw charisma on stage. That moustache, man. Maybe it is just the moustache. He was all jowls, facial hair and beautiful, grotesque expressions. Pure entertainment. Also extremely good at singing and that stuff. Mostly good at faces.

The show was fantastic. There was an energy and excitement present that only comes from being a small band that are about to do huge things and knowing it. Everything was on point and the audience was on board with every second. Amazing. Give them a listen!

The gig was a while ago but I’ve been working on my jowls and moustache expressions. 

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wicca Cool! Progress...

I finished this tiny little folded comic. Buuut I forgot to take photos of the print version before it got too dark again. I promise it's cool. I'll post it soon. 

It needs a title. I've been referring to it as Wicca Cool.
I find myself hilarious.