Thursday, 24 January 2013

Contemporary Vision 20 X 20, development.

Little idea for the branding of a lecture at Tullie House museum. 
All they want is a program but I'm having fun branding it all anyway!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Home Screen Print Fun!

For Christmas my mum has a habit of getting most of mine and my sisters presents from charity shops and car boot sales and things didn't change this year when I got a battered old screen printing kit fresh from a farmyard car boot for a pound.
And its great! A bit hit and miss but for a first attempt I'm really impressed and excited to do more!

This was a quick design using a stanly knife to cut the screen (a piece of paper) that I made into a birthday card for my mum. See how it works! What goes around and all.
I really like them!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Underpass of Oneness.

Nothing says friendship, excellence and respect better that kids in onesies building a town right? ...right?

The city council is running a competition to redesign the underpass to the main high school in town and I decided to go for fun and simple (the wall is horrible and pebble-dashed so I reckon anything of great detail will be lost). I had a really good time drawing and designing these characters and I really hope that it gets somewhere. I'd love to get the chance to collaborate with some of the guys to paint a huage wall!

I got an owl onesie for christmas! 

Swallow Hill

Identity and Branding for Swallow Hill Vineyards in South Africa.


The clients were extreamly open in their briefing, wanting only the inclusion of the swallow that sits amongst the vines so I just decided to run with it and have lots of fun!