Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Degree show posters.

So I'm stilll working on my seed packaging. The major designs are there I just need to work out how to print the origami, say hello to indesign my new bestie.
The tutors spotted me working on these fellows and then decided to art direct me on another final show poster. So fun and productive but aggh I want to finish this brief now please.

 Take note of the little man pooping in pink...my tutors thought he was a blast...yeah.

They also picked one of my one day posters to develop for the show. Unfortunately they didn't like the title 'Umlaut (spelt in umlauts)' or Hergestellt and suggested WUNDERBAR!

Which makes me think or bras and drinking...

Friday, 22 March 2013

One Day Brief. Oh the horror!

Today we had the dreaded one day briefs. Where the tutors set a series of design tasks and then set off a foghorn. The day was mainly for the graphics students but I love one day briefs so yay!

The brief was to design several hypothetical posters for our up and coming final show using only a selected few low grade images and shocking 90's typefaces.

(Warning lots of blue and orange to follow.)

This piece is entitled: 'Jade discovers the Umlaut keys on the mac....Goes nuts.'

We also had to create little invites based on each of the posters: 

Hooray fun! Not sure I'll use any for the final show but still.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Eskimo plant pot.

This week I'm working on a range of seeds packaged to target children in a pokemon style way. But I keep getting distracted with beautiful kooky faces! So I'm pretending that I'm testing out more techniques...that it...

 Plant pot disguised as a Eskimo and a cute Peruvian tomb!
And some actual pant pots.

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Distant Peninsula.

Finally created a map I'm happy with. It's the old orange blue, wins out every time.

Plotting my journey from south to north. People never seem to grasp just how far away I actually live. 450 miles! Good thing I love trains...yeah.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Two Things To Do!

I'll be honest I've been pretty un-motivated at the moment at uni. I just need to get more excited about the time I have left here instead of panicking too much about whats going to happen in a few months time.
So I've made myself deadlines, planned a routine and am generally kicking it up a knotch starting with this little project done for fun about a bbc radio 4 comedy show that I'm in love with.

So here is Two Things to do Before (or after) Your'e Thirty:


I'm excited to try some varying colours out on these babies and get em' printed out on some nice stock. Might be something to take along to New Blood as a souvenir (If I get picked to go....Please!!)