Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chunky Coloured Crayons!

Heres some lovely pencil drawings to make up for not doing much for pretty much the whole of january.  (sorry)

I've kinda been in a massive 'oh god what am I doing with my life' period for a few weeks. I think my post-graduation meltdown has finally arrived.
I'm giving up my studio as it just hasn't worked (although I did dream it was inside howls moving castle last night so maaaybe I'll reconsider...) and I'm now seriously planning my move to the big smoke even though I can't really support myself yet. It's super scary and possibly stupid but I've reached a 'something has to change' point and I can't back away from that. But things are cool now!

Today I did lots of drawing that is outwardly productive and not just scrawls in a sketchbook and I'm feeling super inspired and all I want to do is draw all day again. I think its just hard to stay enthusiastic and continually full of creative beans. Look at all these beans.