Sunday, 29 April 2012

Website Update!

I finally updated my website! (Because it has to be in tomorrow...shh)

Eventually I'll have time for a full redesign...maybe

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Little White Lies

So since my entry didn't get short-listed for the D and DA student awards(   ):  )  I can finally post it on the internet without fear of violating their rules.
I chose to design the Little White Lies magazine cover for the illustration brief since its the sort of thing I'd love to do in the future. You got to pick from a list of films including Black Swan, Tinker Taylor and Drive, and much as I wanted to stare at Gosling's face for a week, I just had to choose Abram's Super 8, if only for the fantastic hour long train wreck scene.So, so good.
Its such an amazing film, like a combination between ET and the Goonies, with explosions and the classic Spielberg big eyed monster at the end. I can't recommend it enough.

Here's the cover I finally decided on. I really like the texture and style from the digital collage and I'm pretty proud of my first proper attempt at this kind of technique.
 Multiply you are a beautiful thing.

 Saying that ,while I love this piece (for once), it really doesn't embody the feel of the film. It needs to be darker, more mysterious and maybe more creepy. Less white space as usual and less pussy footing around with colour!

Went through quite a few goes before I was happy with it.

You can see some of the primary work in my semester 2 portfolio.

It point blank refuses to embed but I promise it's beautiful when it does. Ahh Issuu...