Friday, 17 April 2015

Mysterious Cornwall

The Adventure Issue:

I've been through a bit of a love/hate period with this section of my Cornish guide project. I love the colours but they were a terror towards the end. Maybe too contrasting? The typography thew a tantrum too and has been through about eight incarnations. I'm super happy with here it's at now. Although the illustrations make up the whole I like the map part being so typographically different.

Surf instructions coming soon. (or as soon as I remember how...)

The myths and legends in cornwall really are brilliant. There's claims for not only the site of Camelot and the resting place of Excalibur but Atlantis too. Also lots of sea monsters, giants and mermaids. Well worth a visit!


Beautiful Cornwall

Living in London I get homesick. A lot.
 I tend to forget what the reality of living in cornwall was like for me (isolated, uncreative, and socially boring as hell) and so I focus on all the wonderful things I get to do with my family when I'm home to visit. We're constantly out at gardens and on walks and long drives. (All of the drives are long. Everywhere is the middle of nowhere...) 

These illustrations form part of a series of guidebook/leaflets documenting some of the amazing things to do, places to visit and the rich history of cornwall. Illustrate what you know and love right?! 

I'm so excited to get them printed as actual books and maps. I'd love to be able to sell them as guides once the extra text is in place.