Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Purity Ring: Illustrated gig review.

I got to see Purity Ring. They were great.


The crowd loved it.
Visually the gig was stunning. I've never seen lighting and props like it. (srlsy watch the video!) I hope all of the ticket sales go to the lighting technician cos they crushed it. And by no means did the visuals detract from the performance. The vocals were spot on and the bass! Theres something about bass so low it buzzes in your back teeth while your stood in a theatre hall thats over a hundred years old thats just really lovely. Cosy. It was just all so slick and confident. And cool. Megan James is totally my new style icon. SHE HAD MIRRORS ON HER HANDS. And a fringe cut the whole way round her head. And sexy robot shoulders! *sigh*

The support Born Gold seemed to go down well too. Not entirely my cup of tea, but I don't think the type of venue was perfectly suited to their energetic performance. I'd like to meet them in a super secret basement party with glo sticks and lazers. I was mostly enjoying the voguing attempts and metallic leggings tbh.
Still well worth checking out.

Here is a very poor video to try explain just how rad the lights were. (Its LOUD so turn it down to save ears)


 Next up: Eating an apple during a Prodigy sound check in an empty 10,500 capacity hall.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nai Harvest - Brithdays

So I keep going to gigs and concerts on my own because fuck not seeing a band I want just because no one can go with me. I am independent woman and it is great. 
That being said I am an often socially awkward introverted woman and not always, but often, waiting in between acts with a bunch of hipsters that you accidentally spilt half your pint over trying find a good view is just painful. I know, I know, I need to be more social and meet new people but somedays its just UGH. And its harrrd. And sometimes you just don't want to. 

A friend who I was talking to at a recent gig (over facebook) joked that I could pretend to be a music journalist to stop looking like such a lemon as I stood waiting for the band. I felt so much more confident as soon as I put the 'Haha! Yes I do have a interesting and legitimate reason for being here so fuck off' hat on. I gave less of a damn what I looked like (awkward at the back) and started being more observant of the people and stuff around me and enjoying the gig. 

And then I though maybe I could be a music journalist... (que midsummer murders theme tune*)

I must admit I'd had a few pints so the content isn't fantastic but still a solid concept that I'm going to more of! 
 I never take pictures at gigs. I have a weird aversion/hate of it. Here I have a personal record of the gig without having to distract everyone behind with my blurry instagram photo attempt. 

The band were pretty damn good btw.

*yes, thats right.