Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A First and lots of adventures!

It has been a crazy month of excitement, adventure and far too many smelly megabus trips, so heres an update on life. 


So thats kinda exciting you know. 
It's what I've been aiming at but it was still a massive shock and I am so, so fucking proud. Hard work and loving what you do works!

As its the end of uni we've had our DEGREE SHOW (With my posters!) and I'm happy to report that it was a success. Lots of wobbling up step ladders and swearing at double sided tape later and we had a lovely exhibition space full of arrows going off into the wide world.

 Each graduate designed arrows in their personal style to represent the different directions they'd be exploding out into the world in. I decided to hone some skills, experiment with colour and have fun!

A lot of hard work but totally worth it so my family could final visit where I spend all my daylight hours.
 ( P.S. I love you Studio <3 )

The Exhibition website can be found HERE! 

Then we went on lots of travels in Cumbria and Scotland.
I finally got to visit the cool bit of Hadrian's Wall (from robin hood prince of thieves!), stumble across amazing little villages in the lakes, partake in ritual coursework burning before climbing SCAFELL PIKE. 12 hours later I was on a horrendously smelly megabus home to cornwall (via London and the globe theatre) where I spent the weekend before zipping back up to London (New Blood!) and then to oxford and back again. Mad month!

Here is a taste of my CUMBRIAN ADVENTURES: 

Its been a great month all in all. Saying goodbye to my home of three years and greeting the future with arms wide open! (Ahhh gooey feelings :)

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