Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nai Harvest - Brithdays

So I keep going to gigs and concerts on my own because fuck not seeing a band I want just because no one can go with me. I am independent woman and it is great. 
That being said I am an often socially awkward introverted woman and not always, but often, waiting in between acts with a bunch of hipsters that you accidentally spilt half your pint over trying find a good view is just painful. I know, I know, I need to be more social and meet new people but somedays its just UGH. And its harrrd. And sometimes you just don't want to. 

A friend who I was talking to at a recent gig (over facebook) joked that I could pretend to be a music journalist to stop looking like such a lemon as I stood waiting for the band. I felt so much more confident as soon as I put the 'Haha! Yes I do have a interesting and legitimate reason for being here so fuck off' hat on. I gave less of a damn what I looked like (awkward at the back) and started being more observant of the people and stuff around me and enjoying the gig. 

And then I though maybe I could be a music journalist... (que midsummer murders theme tune*)

I must admit I'd had a few pints so the content isn't fantastic but still a solid concept that I'm going to more of! 
 I never take pictures at gigs. I have a weird aversion/hate of it. Here I have a personal record of the gig without having to distract everyone behind with my blurry instagram photo attempt. 

The band were pretty damn good btw.

*yes, thats right. 

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