Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Who needs kidneys anyway?

My mum has always had problems with her kidneys since she was a kid but during the summer their 'functionality' dropped to a dangerous level and so it seems that she needs an extra one soon!
In the meantime she'll be starting peritoneal dialysis. Its scary stuff but shes got lots of love and support around her. 
For Christmas I was browsing potential dialysis safe cookbooks (recipes with low potassium, no fresh or dried fruit and no chocolate or marmite! etc, etc and etc) And there were bugger-all nice looking or well designed books to be had. 
I think it makes the whole restricted diet thing much more depressing when the design bores you to tears so I designed a happy colourful and fun cookbook! 
Bon Appetit!

Potassium is the major baddie in this. And its in lots of stuff that everyone likes to eat lots like potato and crisps and chips and lots of fruit and veg. Its sucks. But you can get rid of it via the Double Boil. It just means meals take a little while more to make.

I actually made and tested all these recipies and the the Pantzaroslata was by far the most fun.
Lots of pink and beets!

I'm massively happy with this, its a really lovely little (actually huge) book that I can give to my mum. It's not much but it feels like something towards everything. 

(I'll get better photos up soon! Promises!)

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